Casablanca Fan Company - Installing Piston Fan

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Once we turn power on, the fan light flashes and the remote doesn't seem to do anything

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Casablanca Fan Company - Fan and light turned on during an electrical snow storm.

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I have had this wonderful 45 inch Casablanca Ventura Fan for over 35 years. I had it in the kitchen of the last house I lived in and told my husband that I am taking it with for the master bedroom of the new condo that we purchased. It has been working very well ..................... no complaints.

During a severe snow/rain storm (we got 9 inches of snow) a couple of days ago complete with lightning, my fan w/light turned on in the middle of the night, awakening me out of a sound sleep!

I do not have a remote for this fan. I am wondering if in any way the fan/light has the power to do this during an electrical storm! I have lived through many electrical storms during the past 30 some years without ever having this happen! However, I guess anything is possible.

I did get up and check out all of the doors, rooms and closets of my four room/2 bath condo and found that the house was secure!

I turned off the fan/light and returned to bed for the rest of my sleep!

The fan/light is still working like the day we first installed it! Thank you for making such a great product! I am not a pissed consumer!

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Casablanca Fan Company - Adresss for Casablanca Cutomer Relations or Customer Support

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I'd like to write to Casablanca fan company Customer Support and/or Customer relations - please provide an address(es); as the background of a number of top of the line Stealth Fans is something they should know of. The 6 Casablanca Stealth Fans, some of the most expensive of the product line at the time have over a relatively short period of time failed in several different ways and I wanted to let Casablanca Customer Support and/or Customer Relations know as well as to send some photos.

After purchasing six top of the line Stealth Fans, I have been compelled to replace controllers and/or circuit boards, while a Hunter Douglas fan put in before we did a whole home renovation has continued to work with out any problems - the company should be put on notice of the problems we have experienced with these top of the line Casablanca fans

Thank you

Mark A. LoBello, Esq.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Casablanca Fan Company - Casablanca Bullet Fan

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Purchased three Casablanca Bullet fans for the residence we were having built in Port Charlotte Fla. Fans purchased on line from a certified Casablanca Dealer. These were new, not refurbished, but new and refurbished fans have the same warranty. Warranty is lifetime on the motor only and that is if a Casablanca authorized repairer deems the motor bad

When we moved into residence we used the fans in the dining and living area of the residence and they worked fine. One day while cleaning the rather large picture window in the "bonus room" or study I de died to start the fan. It ran for a few minutes and then started to wobble and the motor began to grind very loudly. The higher the speed the greater the wobble and grind. Being very mechanically inclined, I knew is was a bad noise and turned the fan off.

I called Casablanca Customer Care and after many, many, many attempts, got to speak to a Customer Service Person. The first question was, was the fan wired correctly. How would I know, I am the purchaser not the electrician, but it worked so since there are only two wires I would say it was wired correctly. Then I was told to check the connections and I replied it was approx 12 feet up and I had no way of getting that high. I was basically made to feel that I had done something wrong.

The Customer Service person then stated hadn't I called the approved Casablanca Fan Repair Facilities. I told her I had as there was a list in the owner's manual and in Southwest Fla there were two. Both businesses are out of business. You would think someone at Casablanca would every once in awhile check what they are saying to see if their info is accurate.

The Customer Service person gave me a name of an authorized repair company and their phone number. I called this number and immediately was told by a message that calls were not answered and to go to their website. I did and filled out the information and requested they come to the residence for repairs. I knew I was no longer covered under Casablanca's "Great Warranty" of 4 months in-house use. Four months for a 500 dollar fan or so, great warranty. I received and email back the next day from the repair company, which by the way has been moved from North Carolina to SW Fla. I was told they do not make home visits and I could take the fan down and bring it to their facility in Venice Fla which is approx 30 minutes away. I was told I would be responsible for diagnosis charges and repairs needed, but if the motor was deemed faulty, the motor was on Casablanca. Whoop Dee do. That's a Great Warranty from a Great Fan Co. Right?

So I pay for and Electrician to pull the fan, the work at the repair facility, the parts if needed and then for the Electrician to reinstall the fan. I could buy a brand new one for probably less. When I spoke to the Casablanca Fan Customer Service person on the next day and told her she was very sorry but there were no such services in my area that could assist me. Are you kidding me?

In our last residence, which we resided in for 29 yrs, we had five Hunters and one Casablanca fan. They worked flawlessly and were replaced only due to small age issues, nut not the Casablanca which wasn't used as much. Had either of these fans faltered which some slightly did after decades of service you would say, I got my money's worth and not complain.

The C43GL Bullet fan now carries a new model number as does all of the Casablanca fans. My question is, "Why change model numbers if everything is Okay?. I was told that every once in awhile this is done. My next question is "Were there any changes made to the fan?. I was told every once in awhile changes are always made but this was not the case with my Bullet fan. Wrong, the newer model now has an LED light and not a Halogen bulb, this is for the Federal Government requirements for efficiency etc. Guaranteed there were updates to the newer model. There are a million Bullet fans with my model number for sale as Refurbished. Why?. Were there problems with these fans? Why would they be refurbished? I was told that many refurbished fans had nothing to do with any problems, but the customer had returned the unit due to aledged problems. Come on Man, it's a two wire fan, how hard can it be to wire it. NEVER WILL I PURCHASE ANOTHER CASABLANCA FAN AS LONG AS I LIVE AND NEITHER WILL ANY OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Go to the Home Improvement Centers and buy their fans. I and when they blow up, and I'll bet you get more than one hour that I got, throw it in the dumpster and get another one. You'll be way ahead of the game.

Product or Service Mentioned: Casablanca Fan Company Ceiling Fan.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $450.

I didn't like: Absolutely horrific.

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Casablanca Fan Company - Casablance Fans

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I purchased a Casablanca fan fro my bedroom from a reputable store in PA - Main-Line Lighting ,in Paoli. I had Casablanca fans in a previous custom built house before and was very satisfied.

Since I am too old to install it, it took me several months to get a professional to install the fan. However, the installer told me that he could not balance the fan. I called the company and they told me that the warranty expired but they would consider replacing it if I bring the fan to them. Obviously this was not possible as I cannot carry the fan myself.

After many calls to the company they finally agreed to send somebody over. They wanted me to fax them the installation bill which I did. However, they renege on the promise and did not acknowledge agreeing to that. The store does not want to deal with this.

I am stuck with a $600 noisy fan which wobbles and cannot run at a maximum speed. Shame on you – Casablanca for not standing behind your warranty.

Monetary Loss: $629.

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